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Die daraus resultierenden unternehmerischen und kulturellen Herausforderungen zeigen die hohe Relevanz der Soft Facts und rücken diese als erfolgskritische Faktoren in den Fokus der Unternehmensführung. So verzögern oder misslingen Change Projekte seltener aufgrund fehlenden Know-hows, sondern häufiger ob nicht bedachter Rahmenbedingungen. Interkulturelle Beziehungen scheitern noch immer an „kulturellen Stolperfallen“, die, obwohl theoretisch bekannt, im operativen Alltag „einfach nicht bedacht“ wurden.

Dies verdeutlicht, dass Arbeitskontexte nachhaltiger von der Dynamik gruppendynamischer Prozesse (Soft Facts), als durch eingesetztes Know-how (Hard Facts) beeinflusst werden. Wie gelingt es, die Impulse aus Trainingsmaßnahmen und theoretischer Planung – also den Bereichen Was (Methoden und Tools) und Wie (Verhalten und Handlungsempfehlungen), praktisch in den Unternehmensalltag zu implementieren? Wie schaffen Sie ein System, das daneben auch Raum für das Warum – sozusagen als Sinnstifter gibt?

In der Beratung unterstütze ich Sie, diese Herausforderungen zu reflektieren, passgenaue Projekte für Ihr Unternehmen zu konzipieren und gemeinsam mit Ihnen zum Erfolg zu führen.

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Facing new challenges in intercultural cooperation while dealing "on the side" with successful employee retention. Change Management is "daily business" and communication a "continious improvement process". 

Business Culture Consulting accompanies and supports "business people & people business" in the areas of cross-cultural cooperation and change management, with individual approaches and methods.

"People make companies": a study of the Credit Plus Bank AG (2014) shows the relevance of the "people side" of daily cooperation: when choosing an employer, the "working atmosphere" is the most important selection criterion for future employees. This shows how crucial the "soft facts" are when it comes to inspire candidates and to bind employees.



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With control of the resulting dynamcis, sovereign and with the necessary foresight, Kim Burzan manages to let technical managers think outside the box in a strategy workshop, to generate new self-assessment.

A. Heck, Managing Director Betactive GmbH

Through the perfect combination of theory and practice on the one hand and professionalism and empathy on the other hand, you have managed to optimize my vision and action on people, situations, and especially myself. Enrichment for my professional and private life. Thank you, Mrs. Burzan.

K.Schütter, Abteilungsleitung Bilanzbuchhaltung

Kim Burzan has an outstanding ability to combine theoretical background with practical application knowledge and techniques. She also responds to individual needs and wishes.

J. Sánchez, Sales Manager Sirona Dental Systems

Completely open I attended the seminar Horse Assisted Eduction:Leadership live. Due to her friendly and open way of communicating, Kim Burzan created an atmosphere of trust in the mixed group, supported by very competent mediated theoretical facts. Kim Burzan succeeded, very professional and with great empathy, to provide the group with clear orders, to leave space for open discussions, but to intervene supportive or conductive in the right moment. With impressive naturalness and expertise at hand Kim Burzan intervened into a conflict situation, managed to integrate it in the context of the seminar and, in collaboration with the group, turned it into a positive outcome. Conclusion: technically competent, sensitive and humorous - highly recommended!

M. Villhauer, Head of Business Administration

Due to the practical nature of the seminars given by Mrs. Burzan we worked on many important issues and formed the matching work groups from there to sustainably improve our cooperation and the company´s strategy. Kim Burzan helped us to set the right impulses for the future. Through the close and very reflected cooperation with Mrs. Burzan every event has been positive with great effects for leadership development. Particularly her neutral nature enables participants to open up and to work constructively.

I. Oberding, Organizational Development Teamlog GmbH

Coaching with Kim has helped me clarify my values and objectives so that I can face my personal and professional challenges with clear understanding and priority. Her regular guidance and feedback further helped me identify my goals, and break down the steps to best achieve them. I value Kim´s commitment, intelligence and encouragement in helping me pursue my dreams. As a result of coaching with Kim I have become far more aware of what aspects of my work and my life are truly important to me, and what I need to do to maintain a healthy balance between them. My sincere thanks to you, Kim.

M. Gedosev, Director of Marketing, Boston, USA

Sovereign and with the necessary foresight Kim Burzan makes it possible for technical managers to have a look outside the box in the strategy workshop, to generate new self-assessment and to control the resulting dynamics.

A. Heck, Managing Director Betactive GmbH