Cross-cultural cooperation 

"Culture X is always ...", "This happens all the time...", "We are the headquarters ....".

  • What are success factors in cross-cultural cooperation?
  • How to successfully operate and use diversity as competitive advantage?
  • How does leadership work in this context?
  • Do all employees "understand" your corporate culture?

Cross-cultural teams offer organizations many opportunities - as well as new challenges. A culturally heterogenous workforce combines different experiences, knowledge and skills, which can result in a "melting pot" of new innovative ideas, problem solving and out of the box thinking. Idealy, the employees share one common basis: entrepreneurship in thoughts and actions.

The challenges in intercultural cooperation are especially on the relationship level, such as acceptance and openness among each other, the elimination of prejudice and the development of an intercultural competence framework of the individual employee. Intercultural trainings offer support to master these challenges and thereby grow together as a team. Thus cross-cultural trainings can be used as targeted training method to influence the cooperation in organizations. 

  • Intercultural Coaching (Individual / Team)
  • Intercultural Communication 
  • Intercultural Competence Development
  • Intercultural Leadership
  • Intercultural Team Development

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