89% of all managers do not know how to „lead properly“

Find the way to become a top performer through horse assisted education: "Neuroleadership live – a holistic leadership experience“ at our locations in: Wiesbaden, Mannheim, Karlsruhe and Munich.

Leadership is a holistic challenge. Which is skillfully to master. However, 89% of managers do not know how. Horse assisted coaching & training provides clarity and paves the way to excellence. "Whoever leads, sometimes has the impression that his team does not properly function and experiences situations where one does not know how to lead. In short, the question arises: what about my own performance? 

Horse assisted education is based on self-paced learning, emotional anchorage and sustainability. In their seminar "Neuroleadership Live“ management consultants Prof. Dr. Barbara Schott and Kim Burzan show executives how they can reflect and optimize their own leadership skills.

"In the classic sense Horse based training has nothing to do with horses," said Kim Burzan that uses this training method not only in executive coaching, but also on topics such as communication, change management, and team developmen. "Horses are rather a mirror of the participants behavior."

The learning experiences with the horses anchors especially deep in the memory of the participants, the desired results can be achieved very effectively and efficiently. The time factor therefore also plays a significant role and explains why Horse Assisted Education is employed with growing demand in the field of leadership development.

Prof. Dr. Barbara Schott and Kim Burzan combine practical exercises with highly interesting theory input, e.g. the latest brain models, systemic coaching, NLP and the experiential learning. The special feature: new strategies can be immediately tried with the horses. During the practical elements the horses are the trainers. They provide valuable input for the participants through their direct and honest feedback. Which allows e.g. a more conscious self-perception and contemplation of own leadership skills. There is no "right" or "wrong", just individual behavior, which is perceived and reflected by the participants. Sign up for seminars in 2016. For more information, please visit: or