Communication between R&D and market needs

Competitive advantage for companies in medical and dental industry through early involvement of focus groups in R&D projects.

Kim Burzan relies on the formation of focus groups in order to support companies in an early stage of R&D projects. Markets need to be analyzed in order to develop ideas and to create concepts. "An early involvement of focus groups in ongoing R&D projects is particularly important. Thus, engineers can receive insights 

through the opinion of the specialized participants of the focus groups." says Burzan, who acts as facilitator between product developers and future customers. Focus groups are a form of facilitated group discussions, which aim to analyze content and structure, as well as they facilitate a continuous dialogue between all participants. 

During the phase of product development, often new questions appear.  Companies that have suitable forms for evaluation and presentation of results at hand can check new aspects and, if appropriate, integrate them into the ongoing development process. This process can generate competitive advantages for the organization. In addition to the mastery of a variety of methods of facilitation and group management processes it is important to speak the language of the focus group participants. "If you move into specialized industries such as medical and dental industry," it is necessary, to use the appropriate terminology. Otherwise there is a risk that relevant issues are not addressed."

Kim Burzan has more than 15 years experience in the industry and also became specialized e.g. in the facilitation of focus groups in this sector.

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