Different culture, different context

What about tigers at a negotiating table? Today´s training featured typical intercultural value conflicts, based on concrete examples and simulations. This time it was about comparing the German and the Syrian culture: e.g. values such as helpfulness vs. ambition or sincerity vs. courtesy. While compairing these from different cultural views - successful cultural exchange happened, allowing reflection about the foreign and the own culture.

Lively intercultural communication could be practiced and observed on Feb. 24th, at IHK Darmstadt.   Participants of the 3rd "WJ impact - Living and Working in Germany" workshop were allowed to slip in the roles of two fictional cultures for a negotiating situation. These two cultures had extremely different cultural values. One negotiating party metaphorically spoke about tigers (the strong company), while the other party did not initially know how to react and reach their goal. Ultimately some understanding and adaptation - on both sides - led to the successful completion of the first stage of negotiations.