Kim Burzan now ceritified on 9 Levels of Value Systems

Internationally operating companies know the challenges in working with different cultures – either through their own employees from different countries or from the perspective of a traditional supplier-customer relationship.

Committed faux pas in this context are often difficult to revise and lead at worst to the termination of existing business contacts. Kim Burzan supports companies in terms of intercultural cooperation and has now another valuable tool to work with companies. "I plan to use 9 levels especially in the areas of change management and team development," says Burzan.  For her, the topic values have a high personal significance: "I've experienced a lot in terms of success and failure in cooperation, leadership and project management. The use of 9 levels can support my clients in the representation of their current situation. So they can directly recognize the need for change. This can immensely help facilitate the next steps." 9 Levels of Value Systems measures value systems of individuals, teams and organizations. Always taking the individual external influences into account. The model is based on the research of Professor Claire W. Graves.

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